"Regardless of what one learns, one must only learn it by doing."

Sherpa Consulting promotes its values through training. As a reminder, we retain only 7% of the messages we hear, while the voice and body language accounts for 93% of the information we register. For this reason, Sherpa Consulting’s training is based on the following three principles:


  • The content of our training courses is based on the client’s actual operating reality.
  • The trainer understands the market, the company, sales and operational management. In order to stay closely in touch with the field, he regularly performs real-life transitional management duties.

  • Our learning technique: the role play. Real-life scenarios, constant implementation of the principles being taught.
  • Our favourite tool: the video.
  • Our goal: to place the participants into practical situations as often as possible.

  • Priority and focus given to the topics most relevant to the client (3 or 4 maximum).
  • We follow the KISS principle (Keep It Simple and Straight forward).
If I hear, I forget; If I see, I remember; If I do, I understand and integrate.

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Public Speaking training

Dates: Trainers:
19-20 March Didier Voire
20-21 June Jean-Michel Hillion
15-16 October Didier Voire

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