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"... 70% of the problems do not come from a bad strategy, BUT FROM A POOR IMPLEMENTATION OF THE STRATEGY ..."

The greatest conquests come from sharing

For every major change in the company, the management teams work together to consider the improvements needed. They rely for this on specific analyses and carry out workshops to finalize their action plans, tactical or strategic. This adoption process requires considerable time for reflection: logical in itself.
During the roll-out phase, these same teams meet their middle managers or their operational teams to inform them of developments agreed upon, and the action plans to implement.

And what happens in most cases? There is a strong resistance to change. How can we reduce the time taken for the sales force to accept (and adopt) the changes? Do not underestimate the time needed for change to be adopted.
We consider it essential to closely involve the workforce in the change management process, in order for them to become ambassadors for the project as it is implemented.

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