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Sherpa Consulting promotes the culture of results and the achievement of measurable and visible progress. On a daily basis, this is based on three main areas:
- The provision of experienced consultants / trainers who have all held positions of responsibility in the workplace.
- An ongoing commitment to offer an optimal balance between advice and training. The reasons are simple: to enable our consultants / trainers to stay in contact with the "real world" through spending 50% of their time on in-house consultancy,  and to allow our consultants / trainers to spend no more than 50% of their time training: an energy-consuming activity which cannot be repeated endlessly.
-the desire to work as much on the “Interpersonal skills” as on the "know-how".

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Public Speaking training

Dates: Trainers:
19-20 March Didier Voire
20-21 June Jean-Michel Hillion
15-16 October Didier Voire

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